If you are planning to build a house this summer, you probably are thinking to buy a house that has good natural insulation. Especially that our earth is becoming warmer and warmer, having a goof and functional HVAC can be quite inadequate to maintain cool air in during the heat.  

The roofing services in Cloverdale can offer you different roofing styles and excellent service when it comes to providing you a high-quality roof that you need. However, as the homeowner, it is also your responsibility to know and really assess what your preferences are before calling some experts to discuss with your options.  

Wondering what is the best type of roofing that is suited for summer and hot climate? Read and find out.  

Have a proper roof pitch 

A good roof pitch would be more than 30 degrees, ideally 45 degrees. This can be described as the walls of the house are one-third the height of the roof. This is very effective in maintaining a cool atmosphere and air inside the house as the inhabitants are far from the surface of the interior. Also, the hot air rises and it is better than the people in the house maintain a distance from the rising hot air.  

Use natural materials 

Tropical countries like the Philippines has a very good way of creating roof even from the past and they use natural or organic materials such as thatch, grass, reeds, etc., to create roofing. The natural materials provide good insulation of the house. However, this might not work when you are living in a city, as this is also impractical. And also, the type of materials they prefer for your roof depends on the available materials companies provide. Contact your roofing contractor to discuss with you your options in creating your roof.  

Opt for clay roofing 

If you want a natural material for your roof, you can try a clay tile roof or a cement tile roof as they are the least thermally conductive roofing materials. They are asl very durable so they fir the harsh environment of the city. In fact, these materials are very sturdy that they can withstand harsh climate and weather even typhoons and heavy rains.  

Try a green roof 

Green roof has becoming more and more popular nowadays, as there are several benefits that a green roof provides to its inhabitants aside from good insulation against the sun and heat. The green roof includes a ground cover, soil, and some layers that are able to sustain plants and flowers — and even trees. Because of these trees and plants, the house becomes cooler as these greens block the harsh direct heat of light. Also, aside from insulation, a green roof is also able to provide more energy savings and aesthetics in your house  

Final thoughts  

There are many things you can do to have good insulation especially when you are exposed to a hot environment. Contact your roofing contractor to talk with him about the options available for you as well as the one that really fits your liking.