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las vegas massage services of nevada is there when you knead us. for trade shows, nascar, vacations, weddings, and all other great reasons to come to the entertainment capitol of the world!

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massage is a proven and very effective method to release tension, stimulate muscles, circulation and help with injuries and strains from daily living.

we refer licensed massage therapists to provide you with personal customized massage tailored to your individual needs and preferences. your overworked body will feel so good after a therapeutic non- sexual massage session from las vegas massage service


massage therapies
a typical massage session may include one or many types of massage techniques:

sports massage:
for training, preparation and recovery from athletic activities.

swedish massage:
relaxes muscles by applying pressure against deeper muscles and bones, and rubbing in the same direction blood returning to the heart.

aromatherapy massage:
uses fragrant substances combined with massage to affect mood and promote well-being.

employs specific neuro-reflex points in the feet and hands that correspond to organs and other parts of the body.

each massage session is customized beforehand to cater to your individual needs.

treatment sessions
before receiveing a massage session, a relaxing shower is advised to prepare skin and muscles for treatment.

prior to each treatment session, the massage therapist will discuss with you goals for the session and ask if there are specific needs such as injuries, illness or special conditions we should be aware of.

we take great care to answer questions and create a soothing environment. Even if you have never experienced massage before, you can relax and enjoy your treatment without discomfort or worry.

after receiving your massage, we strongly suggest drinking plenty of water to flush toxins from body.

appointments required:a relaxing massage therapy session awaits you in las vegas nevada now!
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*please provide at least 48 hours cancellation notice for appointment to avoid cancellation charges.

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