Interested in Growing Your Own Food During the Pandemic? Here are Some Tips

Because of the global pandemic, everyone is forced indoors, and even doing groceries is now limited. Also, most people are now afraid to go outside, thinking that if they went outside, they get more susceptible to the virus. This is why more and more people are encouraged to do gardening and grow their own food. This is better than going to the groceries from time to time, feeling so paranoid of people going near you.  

Even when doing gardening with vegetables and fruits, and replacing those flowers and plants you had, it is still feasible to have a good landscape and not compromising the aesthetics and curb appeal. This is where you will be needing landscaping services for this project.  

The following are the tips we can give you on making your garden for food. 

1. Be careful with the pests 

When you have a pest infestation, it can be very difficult for you to deal with it. Fortunately, some pests are picky eaters. The Colorado potato beetle likes to feed on peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, and potatoes. There are also pests that attack certain seasons and are sometimes most severe during early summer. Aside from using insecticide (which is not an ideal solution), you can plant diversity of plant species in different places. This can give you a high chance of having a very good harvest.  

2.notice the animals that go around the neighborhood before you begin 

It is good that you plan first on how to protect your pants such as your veggies and fruits from potential animal intruders such as deer, bear, rabbits, and others. You can plan fora netting or fencing. If he houses next to you have a raccoon population you may opt for container gardens, which is very mobile that you can put them indoors if you want to.  

3. Don’t trust pesticides 

When the pest infestations become so severe, some people opt to use some pesticides, a few use very hard chemicals to shoo away pests. However, even those pesticides that are labeled organic or natural can still harm you in many ways. There are to things that you can do. First, you can still buy those pesticides labeled as organics and carefully follow all the instructions provided on the label. The second alternative is to use integrated pest management practices which are less harmful and risky than using chemical pesticides such as panting pest-resistant plants.  

4.Ask for professional help 

Most first-time gardeners are sometimes perfectionists, so they tend to expect a very good harvest on their first time, only to find out that they have failed to do the proper methods of the gardening process. So, if you are not confident with your sills on gardening, you can always ask help from the professionals and they give you the best practices in gardening and provide expert advice on how to maintain a nice garden.  

Final thoughts 

When you are a first-timer, do not expect a good harvest as you will more likely get some imperfect vegetables and fruits in your yard, and that is okay. As long as you continue it, it will get better.