Most Common Entrepreneurship Myths

There a lot of misconceptions about what makes an entrepreneur and how they are as a person and as a businessman. Some of them are too idealistic and dramatized to the point that they discourage a lot of people to become one. I have interviewed some o the leading and successful entrepreneurs in the world and I must tell you this: they are not perfect. In fact, most of them have experienced defeats, while some rely on experts’ advice like business valuation to assess the investment, they are having and making are worth it.  

What is good about these entrepreneurs is that they listen to their surroundings and they have enough humility to recognize their inadequacies. So, they strive harder to achieve what they want as an outcome. But most people don’t know about this. Here, we will be sharing some of the most common myths about entrepreneurs.  

1. Entrepreneurs are born 

This is the most discouraging myth about entrepreneurs. No, entrepreneurs are not born; they are created. Skills that are needed for entrepreneurship are not innately given; they are learned and developed. Everyone can e a good entrepreneur and this depends on several factors such as character, surroundings, motivation, capital, and luck.  

2. Launching a company would lead to wealth 

This makes everyone thinks that having a business will immediately make you rich. Although there are some companies that become successful in the early years, there are also some cases that will take many years until the business becomes stable. Proper timing and careful decisions are what make it difficult for entrepreneurs to sustain the business. 

3. Employees are motivated by money alone 

This myth is very popular that most of the people think this is true. But, according to the statistics, Millennials, which are the growing numbers of employable individuals, care more about ding a job they love and having a good working environment than having a bigger salary. This is ti say that an entrepreneur should not limit herself to himself on creating revenues alone, but rather, creating a company culture that engages his/her employees.  

4. A good idea is the only requirement 

To think that it only takes a good idea to build a company is not just wrong, but it is also misleading. Even the best ideas may fail and may create damage to the whole business when they are not properly executed. There are a lot of factors that need to be done aside from creating the best idea, and these include leaders, talent, communication, and a lot more. 

5. You are a loser if you finally quit an idea 

Most people would think that being able to thrive and stick with the initial idea will make you successful and that quitting an idea makes a person a loser. This is not true at all. Not all ideas will blossom into a successful business. IN fact, pushing it harder even when it is impractical will lead to major risks and bigger defeat. So, it is better to quit an idea and move on to another when you think it has done you more damage than good. 

Knowing when to fight and when ti quit an idea it very critical for an entrepreneur. 

Types of Home Improvement Projects You Should Avoid During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As people are being told to stay at home and practice social distancing, they do not have anything to do but to spend almost all their time inside their house. This makes people notice some flaws in their house, whether it is a jaded cabinet, an old carpet, or a very space limiting kitchen – and they get to decide that they need a renovation or some remodeling.  

Because of the global health pandemic that is still currently happening, many contractors, even the best ones like the home renovation in Burnaby, are limiting the number of people working on sites and this means that projects are taking a long time to get finished than the usual. The same thing also applies to the DIY project. Below is the list of home renovations you should avoid during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

  1. Projects that bring many people and materials in the bathroom and/or kitchen 

In compliance with the order to observe social distancing, there is a need to limit contractors, from carpenters, electricians, to plumbers inside their house specially to places like kitchen where we store our food, and bathroom where we hygiene ourselves.  

2. Noisy projects that could create issues with the neighbor 

Because everyone is in their house, most of the people are doing their work and their studies at home, sot it is fitting that you keep minimal noises to avoid disturbing your neighbor. This includes avoiding to bust out the power washer, or maw the lawn, and anything that could disturb your neighbor doing studies and work. 

3. Expensive projects just for beautification 

Because of the global pandemic, a lot of states in America as well as countries in some parts of the world are experiencing economic crises. 

There is nothing wrong to have renovations that are expensive. However, it is still advised that you stall the upgrade even if you are very capable of spending until the economy recovers.  

4. Any projects that would require a PPE 

PPE or Personal Protective Equipment is sometimes required when doing certain house projects. But here is the conflict: because of the pandemic, there is a huge demand for PPEs especially by the health care providers. In fact, many hospitals struggle to obtain adequate supplies as the rest do not even have any protective equipment. Do not make projects that require PPEs as you will be contributing to the crisis already experienced by the health workers and the state.  

5. Projects that require a ladder 

Projects that require ladder can be extremely dangerous. This is why it is better to give them to the contractors, and since there are only small contractors available, it is better to postpone the project. When emergency or injuries happen, you would need to go to the hospital, and who knows what you will catch there, as you will have higher exposure to the virus coming from the patients in the hospitals.  

Final thoughts 

When doing projects, it is better that you consult only the professionals and avoid doing things on your won. And If you think u can do it, make sure that you avoid the projects we mentioned in his article.